The Gonzales Cantata


Couldn't make the show, but want to pretend like you could? While we ponder and organize new performances of the Cantata across the country, you can help us out by picking up one of these limited packages

1 Gonzales Cantata poster with artwork by the wonderful Molly Crabapple
2 Gonzales Cantata promotional posters, featuring Patrick Leahy and Arlen Specter, as designed by Matt and Melissa Dunphy
3 Gonzales Cantata postcards, featuring Gonzales, Specter, and Leahy
1 Program from the performance at the Rotunda
1 Gonzales Cantata CD, featuring peformances from February and March 2009, with full libretto
1 Pre-order of the digital download of "The Gonzales Cantata at The Rotunda" audio recording (release date TBD)

Gonzales Stuff

TOTAL COST, INCLUDING STANDARD USPS SHIPPING: $40. "The Gonzales Cantata at The Rotunda" will be delivered via email as a download from Bandcamp upon release.